An Introduction to Tones in Mandarin Chinese

In this post we are going to discuss the five tones in Mandarin Chinese. Tones are what allow you to distinguish meaning between similar units of sound. For instance, the sound “ma” could mean five or more different things depending on the tone.


Tone 1 (high)

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Greeting People in Chinese

There are multiple ways to greet someone using Mandarin Chinese. These often differ from what we are used to in English. The reasons are cultural and historical. Let’s look at a few different ways to greet someone using the Chinese language.
Greeting using 你好
This phrase is pronounced like “knee” “how” and means hello. This is a […]

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An Introduction to Pinyin

Having already arrived at this site, you have probably noticed the romanization on the flash cards. This is called pinyin. If you cannot read Chinese, this is what you will use to make sense of how the characters should sound when audio is not available. Let’s take some time to go over some of the major […]

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